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Brick Wall

Indulge in a delightful journery for your palate with our chocolate and tavern tasting experience.  As you savor the decadent chocolates, we'll also introduce you to a curated selection of fine beverages.  From craft beers and ciders to carefully selected wines, each drink has been thoughtfully paired with the chocolates to enhance your tasting experience.

Live Music Schedule

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November 18th -  Dan Barrios 5-8pm
November 25th - DJ John Martin 5-8pm
December 2nd -  The Al's 5-8pm
December 9th - Ryan Townsend 5-8pm
December 16th - DJ John Martin 5-8pm
December 17th - Steve Jordon 4-7pm
December 22nd - Dan Barrios 5-8pm
December 23rd - Dan Lopez  5-8pm

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